Edward D. Reed III (a.k.a. edthesandman)

I’m Ed Reed III (edthesandman). I began a life’s quest to design and build sandcastles at a very early age. My first castles were built using a toy bucket, a spoon and a butter knife. They didn’t take long to make. In my young eyes, these castles were a masterpiece!

As the years passed, I became a Navy Vet who was privileged to see many beaches of the world.  No matter where the beach was I would build a castle to be enjoyed by all.  Over the years, I worked hard and raised a beautiful family with two talented children.  We would visit many beaches together.  As I introduced my children to the art, my passion continued to grow.

My castle recipe has four ingredients, they are:  sand selection (it’s all about the sand), background (for the photo), design and construction.  This process is my “labor of love.”  

While working on my sandcastles, I watch as people draw near and admire my art.  The castles are true crowd pleasers. People ask questions like ” incredible, how do you do this, how long did it take, have you been doing this your whole life?”  They also give me many comments and compliments as well. I get great satisfaction from making their day and sharing my art.

edthesandman thanks everyone for their continued support of his vision and the appreciation to capture his ephemeral art……

Award-winning Sand Sculptor

edthesandman has just begun to exhibit and compete with his sandcastle designs.  For years, this was simply “another day’s labor of love.”  So after much prompting by his admirers and friends, Ed has begun to enter sculpturing competition.  Here is a sample list of his honors and awards:

  • 2nd Place   Coney Island, NY
  • 2nd Place   Fort Myers Beach, FL
  • 3nd Place   Virginia Beach, VA
  • Featured On South West Florida’s Wink News
  • Featured on WMFB News,  Myrtle Beach SC